• You are an SME and want to win the bigger clientele.
  • Your contracts will not be valid without Peppol certifications.

CEBS has the expertise that can be yours at a price that comes nowhere from the business that will reach to you.

Future Highlights
  • It will simplify the cross country trade by standardizing it.
  • The 4-corner businesses models will simplify the process of adding new service providers.
  • The wider range of customer can be utilized when the Peppol standards are followed.
Key Benefits
  • It adheres to the GS1 Standards.
  • Suppliers will have a single purchase-to-payment process acceptable to every NHS trust.
  • The electronic mode of transactions will enable reusability of the resources.

How can CEBS help you?

  • We implement solution that gives you access to the Peppol network so you can achieve compliance to the NHS eProcurement strategy.
  • We integrate your standard ERP, Home Grown ERP, Financial System, or any other system to Peppol network without a change in your existing system.
  • We enable you to trade with any business worldwide.
  • For ex: Multinational Company may be using a fully automated connection, deeply embedded into their ERP system, can trade via Peppol with a small business, who is using a free-to-use, self-service web portal.
  • We add advanced analytics to give you a deeper insights on your inbound and outbound documents traffic and helping you to stay on top of your trade.
  • We offer Peppol implementation On-Premise, and Cloud based solution to attain full compliance.
  • We can help you to integrate Peppol with Blockchain.
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