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CEBS is at the forefront of EMarketplace revolution, offering comprehensive solutions that facilitate all aspects of E-Marketplace trade and supply chain integration. We are an IBM Business Partner for many years with a certified team of resources serving customers globally. With the full force of IBM expertise, our IBM Watson Commerce solutions are more automated, real time and minutely comprehensive. While we retained all the features that makes the IBM Watson Commerce so popular, we have added numerous enhancements and customizations that makes your implementation achieve a faster time to market.


Easy deployment and highly configurable

Share your business model and we'll easily setup your EMarketplace based on scenarios and possibilities.

Scale and Spend Aggregation

You can increase leverage in negotiations and reduce transaction costs.

Flexible pricing methodology of catalog

You can choose the pricing rules, discounts etc based on your business needs and customize them further anytime.

Market and Value Chain Transparency

You can increase market efficiency resulting in better supplier-buyer matches and access new markets easily.

Full Catalog & CMS by Seller or Store

You can easily manage entire EMarketplace catalog or give control to each seller to work on their own catalog. Business rules can be defined as per your needs.


You can reduce procurement costs for involved parties and increase speed and quality.

How customers use it

B2B2C E-Marketplace - Cross Industry


EMarketplace owner needed to address several problem areas related to supply uncertainties, price regulations, negotiations and making it easy for both buyer and suppliers to use a common systems for all transactions.


You can create your B2B2C EMarketplace to digitize the journey of stakeholders to interact and transact. Includes but not limited to supplier on-boarding, catalog management, dynamic pricing, auctions, localization and complete order orchestration.

B2B2C E-Marketplace - Cross Industry


Key concerns related to creating value with the EMarketplace and defend its value proposition against competitors and how to capture a fair share of value created for profitable growth and implement an EMarketplace for all current and future needs.


You can design and create an EMarketplace for all needs. Recommendations engine, personalization, multi-seller RFQ and micro-site for a seller. You can control the entire navigation, pricing rules, campaigns, user experience and approval processes.

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