CEBS creates an effective and seamless system of omnichannel commerce that begins from sourcing to after-sales service. Our solution provides you personalized brand experience across all the different platform which ease your experience. Our solutions let businesses generate and increase value as defined by its customers.

  • Interactive touchpoints on a single platform
  • Orchestrate orders across channels
  • Capable of handling future innovation and growth.
  • Improved customer service
  • Cross-channel customer Experience
OmniCommerce Services

The way customer shops has changed a lot, customer focus more on W3- What, Where & When in this present era. The eCommerce success in today's competitive world comprises

Designs for the Mobile Shopper
We are ready with it!
Omni-channel Experience
Our expertise and past implementation make us ready for it.
We make our customer ready for it at all times.
Increase Sales beyond Existing Segment
We make our customers ready for it.

Omnichannel Experience

" Overall 60% of the customers wants omni-channel services to match their expectations and requirements "

Inventory visibility across channels with defined delivery time Fulfillment needs like BOPIS, Ship from Store & many more……
Similar pricing across all the channels

Our platform to deliver a multi-channel shopping experience for B2B, B2C, B2B2C companies. Engage your customer with immersive brand experiences through relevant content, marketing and promotions, while extending your brand across customer touch points like web, mobile, social, call centers and in-store.

  • Focuses on delivering a smarter shopping experience that is seamless and integrated across all customer touch points.
  • Easy-to-use tools for business users to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy.
  • Focuses on the requirements of both the business and IT
  • Maximize performance and minimize downtime with a flexible and extensible e-commerce foundation.

Our platform also orchestrates cross-channel selling and order fulfillment processes across a dynamic business network of customers, suppliers, and partners.

  • Optimize inventory utilization and reduce operational costs by intelligently sourcing and scheduling orders.
  • Gain a single unified view of all supply and demand.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing real-time order visibility through a central order repository.
  • Marketplaces integration capabilities
  • Efficient returns management process capabilities.

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